About Us


One Sharp Cookie Cutter designs and produces, well, just that…cookie cutters!  But not your "cookie-cutter" kind.   Ours are patent pending and specially designed to leave a detailed, lasting imprint of a logo or mascot on a cookie! 

Now, your baked cookies can become delicious conversation pieces at any family gathering, university event or late night baking study group.  Moms, dads and relatives can even include them as special treats in their home-made care packages.

Currently we are only making Tim the Beaver cookie cutters but plan on producing other mascots and logos as well.  If your university is interested in having a cookie cutter made, please contact us at hello@onesharpcookiecutter.com.

          Share the Fun and Bake with Friends!

          Share the Fun and Bake with Friends!

Our cookie-cutter story

When my son attended MIT, I hand cut cookies of their mascot and mailed them to him and his friends. The smiles and laughter it brought them inspired an idea: design cookie cutters so others too can create fun connections to their school and community! And with that, our cookie cutter business got rolling!